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Welcome to my Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to help people become aware of who I am and what I value. Here I intend to share my thoughts and opinions in a personable manner without boring you with the minutia of my personal life. I hope that the pieces I share here with you will also enhance your own life and give you insight into matters and topics I believe affect us all. You are welcome here! Please visit often, share your own responses in the comment area, and join me in this journey!


Who took care of you in your first year of life?

Kind of a strange question, you might guess, however; please take a moment and ask yourself just that.

I am doing some reading/research on nurturing and reviewing the early stages of life and continue to find and re-member ways of being nurtured and how the concept of such a word- nurture- can feel so complex and foreign. Why is that?

Have you come up with the answer to the million dollar question of this blog entry?

 How does it make you feel?

Would you be willing to look a little deeper into the recesses of your mind and perhaps ask your caregivers how they provided love and nurturing support? Did they use appropriate touch? Did your caregivers believe that too much attention as a baby “spoils” a child?

That can be so far from the truth. It simply cannot be! You were dependent on your caregiver(s) for absolutely everything, again, I say, everything! How could you be spoiled so young? You were attempting to develop a sense of trust and love.

If you are not sure of how this connection or perhaps lack thereof, was displayed, take a glimpse of your life just as it is now, and assess how you love.

Do you trust or have difficulties with attaching to people appropriately? I ask that you not judge yourself as you ponder the response, you can implement self-nurturing to help heal such wounds. You may want to try:

1)Giving  yourself a hug daily

2)Writing “I love you," on your arm of course, with something that is erasable and pleasant to your skin and environment

3) Drink more water

4) Exercise

Of course, these suggestions may seem redundant, but don’t you deserve to receive the love and nurturing connection and attachment that this Universe has to offer? After all, the Universe owes you the support!

Please think about it, and go and love on yourself!




How many of you have been in a funk lately?

Do you know what I mean when I say “funk?” It’s that feeling of slight irritability, slight anxiety. A sort of calm before the storm, no, I’m not talking about a mood swing, or even a depressed mood, it’s just a funk! Often I thank Spirit that I am heavily involved in both worlds, meaning I am clinical, allowing me to rely upon my clinical counseling expertise and I am Intuitive. Also, I am an Empath so I can literally feel what is going on “good” “bad” or “indifferent” planetary wise, globally, locally, you name it! That’s why folks it is very important to ground. We will get to that later-meditate, becoming a harmony of One.

I have noticed that this month of June year 2011, yes, that’s right, has been a fog of sorts. Enveloped in a mixed array of emotions, heat waves of explosive anger at times, literally boiling over, of course not directed at anyone, internally, impatient- how I despise that word? Anywho.

And feeling slightly lost. Now, we all have our “stuff” you know? Our lovely baggage that accompanies us throughout our life’s journey to teach and help mold us, but this month I have certainly felt as if the load has been heavier. I shifted the weight, re-distributed it in fact, and I am learning AGAIN, to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Tips to get you through if you have been or by chance experience some of the aforementioned in your own personal journeys:

1. Honor thyself. Please nurture yourself. I have found that painting my nails has been so relaxing I can’t even tell you. Truth? I always thought my hands “never looked right with colored polish on them.” Humph? Wonder where that negative tape started, anyway please try it.

2. Engage in a new hobby. I love couponing. Enough said on that!

3. Breathe. Hmm. Sounds like duh! But really, I have noticed that whilst I write this I have held my breath at least three times. “I’m sorry body.” (smile)

4. Seek Support. Talk to a therapist or spiritual advisor. Someone whom resonates with you.

5. Enjoy the honor of your own company.

6. Blog. Wait, oh that’s for me, cause I just love it.

 Now, these are very simple and I’m’ quite sure you’ve probably already implement these into your daily or weekly routines, I guess the universe wanted ME to remember. I have truly missed writing and thanks for reading.





How does this word make you feel? This word “un-for-tun-ate,” popped in my head, which has been happening lately. I don’t think, well, that’s a feeling, so, I don’t feel right typing this word, but alas, I shall continue. I prefer to think of the word “fortunate.” Ooh, now, that’s better! The ends of my mouth are turning up and there you have it, a smile. How about you?

Do you consider yourself a fortunate person?

Not to worry, I can’t see you if you responded “no.” (smile)

There’s no judgment, just a thought. Perhaps, another perspective.

What makes a person fortunate or unfortunate? Does this word signify wealth or accomplishment? Does it signify luck or hard work paid off?

I am fortunate, because for me, fortunate and grateful are interchangeable; synonymous.

My fortune is looking at my beautiful niece who just had a dance recital of which I was unable to attend, blossom in front of my eyes.

I am fortunate to have my fingers to type this blog and share my thoughts and feelings, and quirks, etc…

I am fortunate for having a voice and being able to share it, even if no one cares to hear it.

I am fortunate enough to have my eyes to see the beauty in my life, even when I’m having a bad day.

I hope that however you define fortunate, may it be the purest reflection of your true authentic beauty inside and out. I hope the world knows how fortunate it is to have YOU in it!