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Welcome to my Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to help people become aware of who I am and what I value. Here I intend to share my thoughts and opinions in a personable manner without boring you with the minutia of my personal life. I hope that the pieces I share here with you will also enhance your own life and give you insight into matters and topics I believe affect us all. You are welcome here! Please visit often, share your own responses in the comment area, and join me in this journey!


Abundance = Choices

Another Wise Woman told me this recently and I gasped and then squealed. I told her, “oh, this is going to be in my blog. This is so good!” She looked at me with wonder and glee and yet slight reservation as if to say “you didn’t know?” Of course not in a sarcastic tone but rather in a loving discerning manner.

This is so good!

 Okay, think about the word “abundance.” Do you automatically see dollar signs? Do you hear the clanks of coins? What about those slot machines going crazy muttering “oh, you almost made it. Play again, and again, and again,” sorry,I digress, but I think you're catching what I'm throwing...(smile)

What does abundance signify in your life?

Abundance for me is the clanking of precious change and lovely green currency but it also equates to time and joy and happiness; love and serenity. I want all of those things and lots of it! Then the notion struck me like lightening. (Cue gasp)

Can one possibly have all of these things at the same time?

To illustrate, someone wins the lottery, yay! But, is that it?  I mean, do you get more chances and dare I say choices?

It’s like the picturesque genie providing three wishes that will absolutely come true at your command but that’s it, no more!  But that’s NOT it.

 I learned that we can all have it all!

Okay, I know, some may think how corny Monica, really? But think about it. 

Let's say for instance, you have been dreaming about a new house. You have created several vision boards and visualized the house so much so, that you can engage every sense you have upon closing your eyes and only need one thought of your new home to surface. Then, suddenly out of the blue you get a call from your realtor who wants to show you another property in a close price range with a less than ideal neighborhood and suddenly you feel torn. Then, you think “Oh, shoot. Is Spirit testing me? Does Spirit want me to decide how badly I want my house?”

Next, you go to your friend’s baby shower and her home is decorated and adorned with such exquisite taste and immaculate architecture and then again, you feel tight in your chest and gut, clenched jaws frown upon your face and you feel... perplexed. You say to yourself yet again, “I don’t get it! If I have been asking for what I want with explicit detail down to the place settings on the dining table and a new china cabinet why, then do they keep giving me choices?

Here it comes… wait for it…

BECAUSE you asked for it! Yep! You did. Abundance= choices

Isn’t that fabulous?

 Spirit is not punitive. Spirit is not trying to make a fool out of you and put you through a series of tests so you can have battle scars to prove how badly you want something or even how worthy you are. They are simply giving you what you have requested, in the form of choices, several choices! Remember it is about FREE WILL!


To be continued…




Create the life YOU want!

Take this simple request and make today a fabulous creation! Imagine the possibilities

I know, life can get in the way but you only have one life, well, at least this go round’ so make the best of it!

What type of day are you going to create? Is you day filled with joy and happiness? Is your day filled with thrill and curiosity? Or is your day mundane and repetitive? Take a moment to inhale and exhale. It’s still your creation, remember you can change it and decide different at any time.

Think of a puzzle. You know the ones that have at least fifty pieces. Okay, if you’ve got the image in your mind, what does it look like? Is it dull? Are the pieces vibrant and fluid or rough and incomplete? Try not to judge what comes to mind simply observe. Remember you can change the pieces at ANY time.

We did a similar activity in one of my classes recently and the experience has not left me. Sometimes I envision my business card or my future family with beautiful smiles and such laughter!

In creation, your soul gets a chance to speak to you through all of your senses. Gently allow its presence to whisper prophetic wisdom of the wonders of YOU. So, here’s to Co-Creating a great moment, day, week, month and lifetime!


Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Now is still the time to take the bull by the proverbial horns. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Yes, it is unbelievable when you hear and see the absolute devastation with sudden world disasters, look at Japan.

I intentionally do not watch the news or read the newspaper as to keep my mind focused on the positive.

When I would watch the news, I would feel drained, tired, sad, even depressed. I had to observe the feelings and know that they were not originally mine. I then decided that it was in my best interest to not “stay tuned.” I then asked Spirit to inform me on a need to know basis. Whew! How much better I feel. You might want to try it-just sayin’…

In my neck of the woods it is literally snowing outside. Last week it was 8o degree weather. This rapid change indicates Divine timing.

A time of true manifestation. We can create things with a snap of a finger, literally!

 It’s time to use this to our advantage. I for one, will!

Check out this blog post from Doreen Virtue. I found it quite timely and helpful.