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Welcome to my Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to help people become aware of who I am and what I value. Here I intend to share my thoughts and opinions in a personable manner without boring you with the minutia of my personal life. I hope that the pieces I share here with you will also enhance your own life and give you insight into matters and topics I believe affect us all. You are welcome here! Please visit often, share your own responses in the comment area, and join me in this journey!


Try Yoga with me? You wanna?

This morning on, one of my favorites, Doreen Virtue, gave her daily oracle reading. This was from her Ascended Masters deck (which I love.) Anyway, The Ascended Master was Babaji.

Now, I have been getting a lot of gentle and sometimes pushes to "do more yoga"etc. I admit it. I have been resistant. Yes, I know. I can be shy - well sometimes - and the thought of (dare I say) flatulence in public is mortifying to me. SO, I have tried yoga at home. MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN, I end up twisitng something in my chest and back, perhaps being too overzealous and then I'm in pain the next day. I do acheive that calm state but... my neck hurts from looking up at the instructor gently... ever so smoothly gliding into the next pose and I'm still breathing and hurting from the last pose.

But alas! I shall try again. I will try agin as Babaji has gently nudged you and me to begin again. Let's try to do this. I'll keep you updated on my progress so I hope to hear from you, no cheating. :)

Love and Light to you all and Namaste!


Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World

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