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About Me

Hi, My name is Monica Williams and I am blessed that we have found each other today!

I am so excited to share so much with you. I am an Integrative Clinical Practitioner. In other words, I work with people who are ready to make significant changes in their lives. I love people, and feel honored to be able to work with them.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (#6720), National Certified Counselor, and Intuitive. I approach my clients using a combination of both perspectives: as a counselor and as an intuitive. I believe in the holistic approach. Everyone has unique God-given abilities that he or she can choose to use throughout his/her lifetime to assist on this journey we call life. I have earned both a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Counseling. The question is: How may I be of service for the greater good of all?

I love, absolutlely adore teaching and facilitating classes and workshops. I am very interactive and playful. After all, the world can be a playground. My speciality and exepertise is working with women, typically 20 years of age and up, regarding manifesting with Spirit (specifically the glorious Angels) and issues related to self-esteem and empowerment. Women entrepreneurs, stay at home mothers, Grandmothers who have retired and want to shift to their true passions. Whatever the situation is, the common thread is hope. Then the belief that things can really change, comes next. Thnigs can get better.

I have hosted a myriad of workshops, I am the proud founder of Simply You! Workshop for Young Women, dedicated to assisting young ladies at an early age find out how special and beautiful they are. I am well-versed, well-traveled, and have seen a lot. I am heart-centered and very compassionate.

I ask that if you are my next client, that you have questions ready for me, so that we can quickly move to the next step. Even if you don't quite know what those steps are, my job is to help guide and empower your own vision and assist you to create the reality and life that you want!

I am orginally from Atlanta, Georgia and now reside in High Point, North Carolina.

Looking forward to connecting with many of you.

Love and Light,
Monica Williams