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Who were you in the womb?

Is this a strange question? I’d like you to take a closer look. Who were you meant to be in the womb?

Fascinating, right?

Recently, I was journaling about how Spirit views my birth and the stuff that came up; I’ve got to tell you was remarkable and simply breathtaking.

Okay, I was given this assignment to write about my presence on earth since inception until now from Spirit’s point of view. {As an aside: The reference of “Spirit” is my definition of God, All-knowing, Universe, Mother, Father, Allah, Jehovah, Goddess, Source, etc.}

I was truly amazed at the perspective; it literally brought tears to my eyes. So, I challenge you to do the same thing!

First, find a quiet place, maybe a bookstore, or your favorite park, or even your bedroom at home and pick up a pen or pencil and start writing. Wait… actually, you’ll want to set the intention to allow whatever to come up in your mind to be directly relayed on the page, much like a dictation.

Next, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and go! This is Spirit’s view of you, not your Ego’s, your inner child’s, or even your most authentic self, just allow. Please be careful to not objectify what you have written. In other words, judging your work with name-calling and such; just be with it, and again, allow.

On another note, it took me almost three weeks to write. I would sit down to try to journal and nothing came out. Perhaps resistance of “not getting it right” but that’s just it, there is no wrong or right. However, there is one exception. If the information that you receive feels negative and critical, chances are, the ego, slipped in and began dictating. Simply stop and come back to it. That’s why I find it helpful to set an intention of communicating with Spirit prior to writing so that your ego does not have to protect or ensure your safety as you are not in any harm or danger.

So, are you up for the challenge? I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.



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